Call for research works

The Autonomous University of Mexico State (UAEM, by its acronym in Spanish) through the University Center UAEM Valley of Mexico, makes a cordial call and extends the invitation to students, teachers, and researchers at the higher and postgraduate level; to submit research works (short papers and posters) related to the evolution and development of science and technology, in response to the current and future needs of a globalized world that is constantly changing.

Research works in English or Spanish will be in the form of a short paper or poster, being derived from personal or collective interest, proposals, research projects or in the form of a written work to obtain an academic degree.

They will be able to participate students who currently carry out Residencies, Professional Practices, or attend Workshops or Learning Units where a Proposal or Written Work Protocol is elaborated, as well as those passants who are in the Process of Graduation, or those graduates who recently obtained their academic degree by a Modality of Written Work.

An account must be created and validated to login from the website, and thus activate the submission form for a research work.

Submissions of research works (short papers or posters) cover a broad range of topics of interest, including but not limited to the following ones:

Higher level: Actuary, Administration, Accounting, Law, Economy, Administrative Computing, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Systems and Communications Engineering and International Economic Relations.

Postgraduate level: Computer Sciences.

General: Basic and Applied Science, and Technological Development.

For more information, please visit the Submissions of research works page.

Research works should be submitted in Microsoft Word file format. Preparation guidelines and research work templates can be downloaded here.

The review process is double blind. Submissions are to be anonymized as follows:

1. Remove author and institutional information from the author list on the title page.

2. Remove author information from all research work headers.

3. Remove clues from the main text that would directly identify any of the authors.

4. Your own published work that appears on mainstream (including online) and are available for the reviewer must be cited in the third person, in a manner that is not traceable to the identity of the authors.

5. Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in automatic rejection of the research work.

Only the final presentation of the research work should be unanonymized. All accepted work must have its camera-ready to be registered and virtually presented according to its assigned date and time via video conferencings on Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms for short papers and prerecorded videos for posters on Facebook page of the Colloquium. 

Only the best research works will be accepted for the purposes of the 9th Research Colloquium on Science and Technology.

There will be a special recognition for the best short paper and best poster by topic of interest.

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