Keynote speakers


Dra. en T.I. Elsa Estrada Guzmán

Conference: Smart Cities & Data Science

Smart Cities have been proposed as Information Technology strategies to generate solutions for the benefit of large cities in profit of their quality of life, through identification tools of phenomena that use Artificial Intelligence. Some works have focused on developing the infrastructure for monitoring events and the Internet of Things, or simply on data analysis without an application system context for common user reach and execution.

Other research encompasses data science processes to exploit the obtaining of patterns through Smart Cities applications, which explains the characteristics of a Framework for data analysis of Smart Cities that guide the generation of these technologies, and the tendencies towards a new process in the form of monitoring-analysis-evaluation-found pattern-driving object-decision-making where citizens are detected in the validation of these processes; and thus providing an accessible scheme to guide the production of software data science tools.


M. en Edu. y Doc. María Teresa Peñuñuri Santoyo

Conference: Woman, Engineer and Teacher of the Faculty of Engineering

The objective of this talk is to share life experiences as: Woman, Engineer and Teacher, but from a gender perspective and illustrate it in the timeline, as part of my life plan. Likewise, to involve the topics of the Research Colloquium on Science and Technology. To finally provide an overview of education in the 21st century and thereby continue to break beliefs that professions are genderless.


M. en C. Com. Alma Patricia Chávez Cervantes

Conference: Net Excellence & Girl Power

In the Information Technology sector, companies report that less than 30% of their employees are women, so why is it important to incorporate more women in this sector? Simply because IT will continue to define the way in which we interact, we have fun, we do business, we educate ourselves, without a doubt, in the definition of these new technologies, the representation of ideosyncracy and women's concerns is very important. On the other hand, this sector is a source of wealth and development. Wouldn't it be ideal if women could access these opportunities? In this conference I will present strategies to increase the number of women in careers related to Information Technology.


M. en C. A. Eduardo Ríos Valladares

Conference: Food Technology in Modern Times

One of the basic needs in the existence of humanity is food.

Throughout history, the human being has had the need to process its food in order to preserve and conserve it.

Technological development driven by modern life and human needs contribute to the improvement in nutritional quality, conservation and availability of food, covering the needs of different rhythms of life.

Currently we can find all kinds of food, both fresh and processed. The latter constantly change along with generational change. The interest of consumers in what a food offers them has been driving technological development in the discovery of new colors, flavors, and sources of nutrients, always seeking consumer satisfaction.

The technology applied to food has given great results, although they are not always the most desired for a nutritional product. Sweet, creamy and consistent flavors often lead to health problems such as weight gain, hypertension and even diabetes.
This has forced the health and social health authorities to develop standards that regulate the use of certain ingredients that are not entirely beneficial to consumers. However, it is the consumers themselves who today demand new food alternatives that offer to cover specific needs for the benefit of health.

Today, technological and scientific knowledge is being applied to the maximum in order to satisfy the high standards of changing markets and sanitary regulations.

We must be aware of the responsibility that producers have and the right of consumers to demand food that meets their tastes and needs. The technological and scientific development applied to food in our times is highly efficient in order to give us a high quality of life. 

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